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Need By EOD Today

Typical management style with statement “Get this done by EOD today” (smaller timelines in big project) is probably worst way of project execution, it does not help in bigger context! Side-Effects Approach – More than anything else, it changes approach … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

BLE v5.0 has been hot topic of discussion in Internet of Things (IoT) world. Revised specification tries to solve problem in creating wireless sensor network of devices with longer battery life requiring low throughput, compared with traditional WiFi. Features 2Mbps … Continue reading

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Writing OS from Scratch

Why? Because it is fun! Bottom up approach to problem solving Learn and explore ​under-the-hood stuff Getting Started Architecture X86, because of availability of tools (e.g. emulators) Bootloader assumed to be GRUB More information on following link

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Hackable IoT Devices

In addition to well known Raspberry-pi and arduino following are some lesser known but cheaper device for DIY hacks: ESP8266 (WiFi) Cheap WiFi module providing b/g/n connectivity using few AT commands over UART interface. It costs less than $3.5 (less … Continue reading

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IoT Device Provisioning Methods

Following are various ways in which a WiFi IoT (Internet of Things) device can be provisioned to connect with home network (Access Point/Router) in a secure way: Notes: Credentials like security mode and passphrase for WiFi network needs to be … Continue reading

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GIT Tips

Recovering lost commit Diff files on 2 branches Picking a commit from one to another branch Selectively adding changes from file Finding un-pushed commits on local branch Saving/recovering temporary local changes Display current working branch in repo

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Coursera — Online Education

Completed Hardware Software Interface Course on Coursera. My first online learning course, completed with distinction. Great experience Free knowledge sharing Communitiy interaction Platform for aspiring learners Stuctured approach for course organization

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