Need By EOD Today

Typical management style with statement “Get this done by EOD today” (smaller timelines in big project) is probably worst way of project execution, it does not help in bigger context!


  • Approach – More than anything else, it changes approach towards end deliverable, suddenly quick workarounds are preferred mechanisms rather than complete solutions.
  • Creativity – Timeline pressure diverts individuals mindset, and definitely there is loss of creativity. This reflects in problem solving attitude and hits project in longer run. Also affects thought process of developers in longer run.
  • Quality – This does not matter (or starts degrading) as everybody is after “artificial and un-necessary” deadline set before by management. This in turn definitely adds to overall project execution time in longer run.
  • Importance – Does it really convey importance and priority of timely execution? Probably yes for short term, but if it gets too frequent then maybe not in longer term. This could also lead to loss of confidence in management with respect to project planning and execution.

Balanced Approach

Set a single timeline for entire project and let end team/s decide on smaller timelines, at the micro-level, management allows more than sufficient headroom, that does not pressure related to timelines during execution. This really helps, as there is lot more confidence, deliverable are of high quality and in bigger context, there are no further churns due to quick and dirty solutions.

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